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Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship (U.I.B.E.) offers three type of services to entrepreneurs

Ujamaa Initiative for Black Entrepreneurship (U.I.B.E.) offers three types of services to entrepreneurs:

Business in the box

Business in the box

It’s an alternative way to start your business developed by Arnaud Segla. With a pencil, a calculator and a notebook you will be able to master the elements of your business and start it by achieving a 40h journey through your business idea.

Consulting Services (Growth Wheel)

Consulting services (GrowthWheel)

Whether you want to start or grow your business, you can use a very efficient tool to have a 360 look at your business and decide which aspect you need to fix first or develop first. You can meet our certified advisor who will guide you in the work of understanding deeper your business.

Business Support Services

Business support services

You have a question? You need to register your company but don’t know how to do it? Need information to know where to ask for financial aid? We can help you with this. Make an appointment then Come and visit us so we can discuss your needs.

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